The Story Behind the Music

The Hipposonics is a group of musicians from the Midwest started in 2011 with the idea that people really love to hear music that shaped them during their high school and college years.  "Let's give them forgotten gems that other bands won't or don't play". That was the first statement made when other members were approached to form the band  known as The Hipposonics. That's where the journey began and each and every year there is a new generation and a new genre of music surfacing in society and eventually arriving in the club scene. The Hipposonics continue to add new songs to their show with styles including current radio hits and favorites in Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Jazz, and even some fusion rock. Performing live music without back tracks or sequencing adds energy to the show with some of the greatest moments coming from improvisation. Being in the moment and working with the crowd to create an exciting and memorable experience is the goal of the Hipposonics every time that they step on stage.
 The Hipposonics perform at clubs and casinos in the Midwest and also take their show to private and corporate events as well as weddings and civic festivals.   The Hipposonics is one of the most versatile event bands with the professionalism to entertain all age groups when performing in a family friendly environment.  The Hipposonics has included several members over the years and known talents may appear in  photos and videos on this site and on the world wide web.  Current members have been with the Hipposonics for several years and they are:                                                                                                                                               Rick Kalil - Founding Member -Male Lead Vocals/wind Instruments 
Jim Bollero Drums/Percussions/Back-up vocals
Jerry Opdycke - Bass Guitar
Dave Denlinger - Guitars
Missey Domiano
 - Female Lead Vocals
 Please refer to the  calendar page for a list of our events and make plans to attend a show near you.